Day 2 in the woods

Our volunteers wondered if they'd actually gone back in time

Our volunteers wondered if they’d actually gone back in time. Photo by Briony Clifton

It was a close call with the weather this morning as the forecast was for heavy rain but, except for a shower at lunchtime, the rain held off all day.
With a second day of coppicing ahead it was some sore and aching bodies that arrived in the woods this morning. It is quite a physical job cutting and moving hazel and it was showing today, however a more efficient system of coppicing evolved as the volunteers found their feet.
A well-earned break!

A well-earned break! Photo by Briony Clifton

As part of the project several flint axes have been made to give an idea of how the Neolithic people who constructed the houses at Durrington Walls would have harvested their materials. We unleashed the volunteers into the coup with various designs of axe and allowed them to get some experience of how different these tools are to use. For many this was the first time that they had used flint tools and it became apparent that they require a different technique to modern tools. Our aim is to gather a proportion of the materials used in this project using authentic tools, and this was just the start.

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