Dealing with breakages

We had more tool breakages yesterday. This time rather than the flint axe heads breaking, it was the handles. All of the flint axes that we are currently using have some kind of handle damage and so we gave the volunteers the day off to allow us time to repair them.
We managed to make two new hafts, one for our large axe head and also one for our adze. The axe haft is made from oak and the adze is made from field maple cut out of the woods on Tuesday.
Replacement handle fitted

Replacement handle fitted

These will be used next week when we hope to fell some larger trees to use as rafters and so this will be the last post until then.






One thought on “Dealing with breakages

  1. I am SO glad to have found this blog!
    I have been a property master for opera for over thirty years. This being the best place I could find to assuage both my love of history and my appreciation of craftsmanship.
    Imagine if you will … The FIRST one to come up with the discovery of even the tiniest improvement of tools such as these! And I am sure you have rediscovered that those tiny changes of detail can have major affect in use.
    Type of stone, details of lashing, weight and heft and …. All the differences in effectiveness and amount of labor …
    Living in the modern post digital world, THESE are the true examples of the cleverness of our species!

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