The construction phase starts here…….

The first day of construction began with a new influx of eager volunteers. We started with cups of tea and talks from Luke regarding site safety and the background to the buildings. All the evidence for the buildings was explained and also some of the methods that we are likely to use in their construction.

Luke explaining the ground plans

Luke explaining the ground plans. Photo by Briony Clifton

Our tasks today were to establish lines of stakes that we could weave around and, what I think will become a ‘favourite’ job, crushing chalk.

The walls of the buildings will be constructed from woven hazel rods around hazel stakes and the first stage in this is setting the stakes in the ground. Once the stakes were in the volunteers were taught how to weave the hazel so that it created a strong wall.

A line of stakes ready for weaving practice

A line of stakes ready for weaving practice. Photo by Briony Clifton

While some of the volunteers were practicing their weaving others were crushing chalk. This involved pounding lumps of chalk on rocks to produce a powder using large wooden tampers.

Our new favourite job!

Our new favourite job!

Judging by the large pile of chalk waiting to be crushed, it might take a while!


One thought on “The construction phase starts here…….

  1. I’m crushed I couldn’t be there at the start of the construction phase. I can’t wait to get weaving and join in on week three! Paul


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