Meet the Team: Guy Hagg – Neolithic House Volunteer

guy daubing

Name: Guy Hagg

Role: Neolithic House Builder

 What made you want to get involved with the Neolithic Houses project?

My work involves making shelters from locally sourced woodland materials and I wanted to be involved with a project that makes more permanent buildings using craft skills such as coppicing, wattle and daub, thatching etc.

What are you enjoying about the project so far?

Great camaradarie amongst the team. Really good to see buildings taking shape

Is there any part of the project that you’re particularly looking forward to or that you are particularly interested in?

Showing people around the completed, furnished, buildings and explaining how people were able to live and flourish in the area 4500 years ago.

In what ways has being involved in this project made you think differently about the people of Stonehenge and their lives?

How organised the communities must have been to be able to arrange the harvesting and collection of the materials required to build the number of houses discovered at Durrington Walls. Being involved with this project makes you continually ask questions along the lines of “Just how did they do that?”

 What do you do when you’re not building Neolithic houses?

Bushcraft Instructor and model maker

 What would you say to people who are tempted to volunteer at Stonehenge?

Do it.



Thanks Guy!

Additional Volunteering Opportunities

If you are interested in beoming a Stonehenge Neolithic House Interpretation Volunteer, you can find out more on the English Heritage website. As a Neolithic House Interpretation Volunteer you will be responsible for maintaining the Neolithic houses once they are built (which weather permitting will be by the end of April), by lighting fires and assisting with the building maintenance.  You will bring the stories of the Neolithic people to life in our external galleries and provide a warm and friendly welcome for all visitors, helping us to deliver a world class visitor experience.


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